at work: PHY 853: Relativistic Quantum Mechanics

at work: PHY 854: Relativistic Quantum Field Theory

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  1. Formalism of Quantum Mechanics
    1. Postulates
    2. Linear Algebra and Hilbert Space (Tung: ch 4 & AppII; Hamm: ch3; mess: ch5&7)
    3. Measurement
  2. Group Theory
    1. General Group Theory (Tung: ch2,3; Hamm: ch1,2; tink: 1-3; Ziman: ch7)
    2. Discrete Groups (Tink: ch 4; Hamm ch2)
    3. Continuous Groups (Tung: ch6-8; Hamm: ch8,9; Tink:ch 5; Ziman: ch7)
    4. Symmetric Group (Hamm: 7; Tung: ch5)
  3. Special Relativity (Schweber[RQFT]: ch2; Ziman: ch6
  4. The Dirac Equation(Bjorken and Drell, v1: ch 1-5; Sakurai: ch 3; Tung: ch 10; Mess: ch20; Schweber[RQFT]: ch3-5)


  1. Classical Field Theory
    1. Postulates
    2. Linear Algebra and Hilbert Space (Tung: App II)


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Problem Set 1:
due by: October 29
Problem Set 2:
due by: November 29
Problem Set 3:
due by: December 15

Problem Set 1: Linear Vector Spaces

Problem Set 2: Point Groups

Problem Set 3: Dirac Equation and algebra

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Postulates of Quantum Mechanics (PS) (PDF)

Group Theory Definitions (PS) (PDF)

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