PHY 184
Physics for Scientists and Engineers 2

Biomedical and Physical Sciences Building
Room 1410

Section 1: 4:10pm to 5:00pm
Section 2: 5:10pm to 6:00pm


Bernard Pope, Section 1
Office hours: Tue, Thu 11am - 12noon, BPS 3233

Pawel Danielewicz, Section 2
Office hours: Mon, Wed 11am-12noon, BPS 1248

John McGuire
Office hours: Mon 1-2pm, Tue 3-4pm, BPS 1248

Course Description


Problem solving strategy

Learning-Center BPS-1248 Hours attended by instructors
or honors-option students

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LON-CAPA for homework, syllabus, and lecture notes

How to Do Your Homework

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