S.D. Mahanti

Current Ph.D. and other Students:
Dat Do PhD. Candidate

Past Students (Ph.D.):
D. Cabib 1974 Jointly with T. A. Kaplan Member of the management team at CI Systems
G. Fletcher 1978 Lecturer in the Physics Department at Cornell University
D. Sahu 1983
S. Tang 1985
J. Gales 1989 Jointly with M.F. Thorpe
W. Jin 1989 Vice President and Software Developer at Morgan Stanley
Z.-X. Cai 1990
H. Seong 1993 Vice-Chairman of the KCC Radio Research Agency
H. Chang 1995 Jointly with T. A. Kaplan
B. Chen 1996 Developer at HP
T. F. Nagy 2000 Physics Professor at MSU
Y.-S. Su 2000 Jointly with T.A. Kaplan Principal Device Simulation Engineer at Solexel, Inc.
V. Z. Cerovski 2001
P.M. Larson 2001 Research Associate at Case Western Reserve University
D. Bilc 2005
K. Desai
H. Khang 2007
S. Ahmad 2007 Instructor in the Physics and Astronomy Department at MSU
Z. Rak 2009 Research Fellow at the University of Michigan
H. Huang 2011

Past Students (M.S.):
W. Hammond 1989