MSU College of Natural Science
Computational & Theoretical Science Seminars
Fall Semester 1999 Schedule
11:30 am, Room 224 Physics-Astronomy Bldg., MSU
(refreshments at 11:15 am)
24 September 1999
Visualizing the Electron Distribution in the Chemical Bond
James Harrison, Department of Chemistry, Michigan State University
15 October 1999
Diffusion Tensor MRI of the Human Brain in Health and Disease: Quantitation of Anisotropy and Clinical Implications
Mark DeLano, Department of Radiology, Michigan State University
12 November 1999
The 'Artificial Life' Approach to Complex Adaptive Systems
Chris Adami, Computational and Neural Systems, California Institute of Technology
03 December 1999
Protein Folding, Evolution and Design: Statistical-Mechanical Insights
Eugene Shakhnovich, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Harvard University

Seminar Organizers:
W. Bauer, Physics & Astronomy
R. Hollingsworth, Biochemistry
L. Kuhn, Biochemistry
M. F. Thorpe, Physics & Astronomy

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