Traditionally distinct science disciplines are merging to create new and startling opportunities. Share the excitement and challenge each week through seminars and discussions with nationally recognized pioneers in science at the edge.

Seminars included on this schedule are in these three series:
Interdisciplinary Physics Seminars, Quantitative Biology and Modeling Seminars, and Engineering Seminars.
A very nice poster of this schedule is available in PDF and PostScript format.

Fall Semester 2006 Michigan State University
Seminars begin at 11:30 a.m.     Refreshments served at 11:15 a.m.

Seminars are in Room 1400 Biomedical & Physical Sciences Building

Friday, September 8 Engineering Seminar
  Steve Granick , Depts. of Chemistry, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, and Physics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  Polymer-Assisted Fun with Phospholipids
Friday, September 15 Quantitative Biology and Modeling Seminar
  Shinhan Shiu , Dept. of Plant Biology, Michigan State University
  Genome Evolution and Gene Duplication in Eukaryotes
Friday, September 22 Interdisciplinary Physics Seminar
  Stephen Wells , Center for Biological Physics, Arizona State University
  Geometric Simulation of Mobility in Macromolecules
Friday, September 29 Engineering Seminar
  Eva Harth , Dept, of Chemistry, Vanderbilt University
  Utilization of Macromolecular Architectures: Synthesis of Highly Targeted Intracellular Delivery Systems and the Design of Organic Quantum Dots
Friday, October 6 Quantitative Biology and Modeling Seminar
  Sharon Hammes-Schiffer , Dept. of Chemistry, Pennsylvania State University
  Hydrogen Tunneling and Protein Motion in Enzyme Reactions
Friday, October 13 Interdisciplinary Physics Seminar
  Carlo Piermarocchi , Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, Michigan State University
  Optical Quantum Control of Spin Interactions in Nanostructures
Friday, October 20 Interdisciplinary Physics Seminar
  Mark Worden , Dept. of Chemical Engineering, Michigan State University
  Nanostructured Interfaces that Express Protein Activities
Friday, October 27 Quantitative Biology and Modeling Seminar
  Julie Mitchell , Depts. of Biochemistry & Mathematics, University of Wisconsin, Madison
  Using Shape Specificity and Biochemical Contacts to Predict Protein Interface Hot Spots
Friday, November 3 Interdisciplinary Physics Seminar
  Alessandro Vespignani , Dept. of BioInformatics, Indiana University
  Epidemic Modeling in Complex Networks
Friday, November 10 Engineering Seminar
  Nicholas Kotov , Dept. of Chemical Engineering, University of Michigan
  Organization of Materials at Nanoscale: Hard but Necessary
Friday, November 17 Quantitative Biology and Modeling Seminar
  Risto Miikkulainen , Dept. of Computer Science, University of Texas, Austin
  Constructing Intelligent Agents through Neuroevolution
Friday, December 1 Interdisciplinary Physics Seminar
  Steve Plimpton , Biophysics Group, Sandia National Laboratories
  Cell Modeling and Simulation
Friday, December 8 Engineering Seminar
  Todd Emrick , Dept. of Polymer Science & Engineering, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  Organic & Polymer Synthesis in Nanoscience - from Composite Materials to Interfacial Assembly and Capsules

Seminar Organizers:
Engineering Seminars:
Michael E. Mackay, Chemical Engineering & Material Science mackay@msu.edu
Quantitative Biology and Modeling Seminars:
Michael Feig, Quantitative Biology and Modeling Initiative feig@msu.edu
Marianne Huebner, Quantitative Biology and Modeling Initiative huebner@msu.edu
Charles Ofria, Quantitative Biology and Modeling Initiative ofria@cse.msu.edu
Interdisciplinary Physics Seminars:
Phillip M. Duxbury, Physics & Astronomy duxbury@pa.msu.edu

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