Handouts are either in GIF or POSTSCRIPT formats. The GIF format is convenient for quick viewing, while the POSTSCRIPT format is better for printing if you have access to a postscript printer.

Class Information

  1. General Information (gif,ps)
  2. Calendar (gif,ps)
  3. CAPA directions (gif,ps)
  4. Help room schedule (gif,ps)

Formula Sheets

  1. Electrostatics (gif,ps)
  2. DC Circuits I (gif,ps)
  3. DC Circuits II (gif,ps)
  4. Magnetic Fields (gif,ps)
  5. Inductors and AC Circuits (gif,ps)
  6. Light, Mirrors and Refraction (gif,ps)
  7. Lenses and Interference (gif,ps)
  8. More Interference and Relativity (gif,ps)
  9. Quantum and Atomic Physics (gif,ps)
  10. Nuclear Physics and Radioactivity (gif,ps)
  11. Particle Physics (gif,ps)
  12. Astrophysics (gif_page1,gif_page2,ps)

Practice Exams

  1. First Midterm (gif,ps,solutions)
  2. Second Midterm (gif,ps,solutions)
  3. Third Midterm (gif,ps,solutions)
  4. Final Exam (gif_page1,gif_page2,ps, solutions)