1. For BOTH sections, you can check your final grade by following this link.

  2. Final exams were graded on a scale of 45 pt.s for 17 problems (51 were possible) . Also, two extra gift points (not shown) were added to everyone's final-exam grade. Results for both sections:

  3. Results for first 3 exams for Pratt's 7PM section

  4. To see your exam results, login into CAPA via telnet and enter class name "phy232s7", then enter CAPA ID from your one of your HW sets. When prompted for what to do, type E for " view exam summary". The 7PM section has results under set 1, 4:20 PM section has results under set 2.

  5. Exam graded on 30 pt. scale, DESPITE what is inferred from exam-summary feature on CAPA.