Physics 232 is the follow-up course to 231. It is a non-calculus-based general physics class, recommended for a variety of majors, such as those pursuing a pre-med education. Topics include: electromagnetism, circuits, optics, quantum physics, nuclear physics and a brief coverage of elementary particle physics and astrophysics.


pratt_cropped.jpg (4791 bytes)8:00 AM and 9:10 AM Lectures:

Scott Pratt,

Cyclotron Laboratory, #204

(517) 333-6438

pumplin_cropped.jpg (4349 bytes)11:30 AM Lecture:

Jon Pumplin,

Physics & Astronomy, #127

(517) 355-9275

Help Room Staff, (hours)
Gary Crawley, Jian Huang, Michael Katkov, William Pratt, Zhengrou Zhou

Text book:
, Cutnell & Johnson

See HANDOUTS for general information, grading criteria and instructions for using CAPA.

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