Lecture Notes by Topic

  1. Course information
  2. Coulomb's law
  3. Electric fields and electric potentials
  4. Gauss' law and conductors
  5. Capacitors
  6. Resistors, Ohm's law
  7. Kirchoff's laws / RC circuits
  8. Magnetic fields and forces
  9. Sources of magnetic fields
  10. Magnetic materials
  11. Magnetic induction
  12. AC circuits
  13. Semiconductor devices
  14. Electromagnetic waves
  15. Optics, refraction
  16. Optics, mirrors
  17. Optics, lenses
  18. Optical devices
  19. Interference and diffraction of light
  20. Relativity
  21. Quantum physics
  22. Atomic physics
  23. Radioactivity and the biological effects of radiation
  24. Nuclear physics
  25. Particle physics
  26. Cosmology and astrophysics

These files are prepared not as a substitute for the text book, but instead as a substitute for lecture notes. Hopefully, one can then attend lecture and concentrate on the material rather than writing notes.