Course Description, Physics 232 - Spring '97


  1. Electric forces, potentials and fields
  2. Magnetic forces and fields
  3. AC and DC circuits
  4. Geometrical optics
  5. Quantum physics
  6. Relativity
  7. Atomic, nuclear, particle and astrophysics

For daily outline, see calendar.

Course Goals

  1. Train students for exams such as the MCAT
  2. Explain physical principles necessary for understanding electrical, optical and nuclear devices.
  3. Give students an understanding of fundamental physical laws of the universe

In order to accomplish the first goal, and to assist in the latter goals, we require a great deal of algebraic and moderate amount of geometrical skills from the students. However, calculus is specifically not required.


Homework is turned in and graded through CAPA, a computer grading system developed at MSU. Assignments will be due on Saturdays at 6PM, except for the Fridays following midterm exams, when it is put off until the following week. With CAPA, students may log on and attempt each problem up to 25 times. Assignments are individualized for each student. Each student's problems are nearly identical aside from details such as the numerical parameters. Each student receives a hard copy of their term's homework assignments in class.

Using CAPA


Midterm exams are given during class on Mondays listed in the schedule. The location and time of the 2-hour final exam will be announced. Sample exams are available. See the handouts link to the right.


Scales and policies are explained in separate grading criteria page.

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