AST 308

Galaxies & Cosmology

Spring 2004

MWF 11:30-12:20, Room 1420 BPS


Instructor: Jack Baldwin

(, Room 3270 BPS, 355-9200 ext. 2411

Office Hours:  Catch me in my office whenever you can…  I’m usually there from 9AM – 5 PM.


Prerequisites: (AST 307) and (PHY 184 or PHY 184B or PHY 294H) and (MTH 234 or concurrently or MTH 254H or concurrently or LBS 220 or concurrently)


Textbook: Carroll & Ostlie, Modern Astrophysics.

Astronomy papers on the web:                                     (ADS abstract service)                     (astro-ph eprint archive)


Homework:  20%

2 midterms: 20% each

Final: 25%

Term paper: 15%



MIDTERM 1 (Feb 16)

MIDTERM 2 (Mar 29)

FINAL EXAM   Tuesday May 4,  10-12AM   






Figure showing galaxy types.


Some Useful articles and links, mentioned in class:

Gary Steigman’s “Primordial Alchemy” article.

Ned Wright’s Javascript Cosmology Calculator

Inflation for Astronomers

Dark Matter, Dark Energy and Fundamental Physics,  by Turner

Simulating Cosmic Structure Formation,   by Weinberg


PDF files showing Power Point slides:

Intro+Spiral galaxies

Density waves (1 slide per page)

Brief descriptions of Magnetohydrodynamics and Particle Physics (posted Feb. 23)

CMB Anisotropies and WMAP results  (lectures from April 2-7)

Galaxy Formation (April 7-12)

Quasars- part 1

Quasars- part 2