Group photos:

Social (a random selection of lab parties at Matt's house and elsewhere)

Lab party - July 2022

lab party

The screened-in porch has been excellent during COVID.

lab party

Only veggies for this grill meister. Where did he get that awesome apron?

Lab party - May 2022

lab party

Group photo + extras (and missing Keontre').

lab party

Biophysics students enjoying the lack of bugs.

Lab lunch - Winter 2022

lab party

MSU SciFest 2022 victory lunch.

Lab party - Summer 2020

lab party

Socially-distanced outdoor partying: Rajeev, Kyle, Matt, Joseph, Lauren and Kasun.

Lauren made the flag core - 2019

Lauren in flag core

A very proud advisor and student.

Lab party - 2018

lab party

Eric, Joseph, Dena, Jarryd, Lisa (special guest), Matt, Yujie and Drew.

Lab party - also 2018

lab party

Jarryd, Bramyn, Matt, Cho-Ying (and Chenzie) and Kevin.

Lab party - December 2015

lab group photo

The lab: Eric, Matt, Jess, Miles, Aditya, Matt, Cho-Ying, Hannah, Dena and Drew.

undergrad group photo

An excellent group of undergrads - especially the one wearing a tie!

Lab cake - 2015

lab cake

A very impressive cake from Miles, Jess and Cho-Ying.

Lab party - December 2013

optics lab 1

The lab.

optics lab 1

A toast to the lab and friends of the lab (and papers).

optics lab 1

Selecting chocolates.

optics lab 1

No doubt the professor has said something witty.

Lab BBQ - May 2013

optics lab 1

The lab + one guest.

optics lab 1

The lab is hungry. Science makes you hungry.

optics lab 1

Hamburgers feed the lab.

optics lab 1

Also vegetables (our vegetable grill master).


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