Lab software

High-resolution fleezers software

Our instrument control and data acquisition is performed using LabVIEW code written for a National Instrument FPGA-based PC DAQ card. Our code is freely available below (please acknowledge us if you find the code useful and make use of it). The code began its life with the original high-resolution fleezers instrument at UIUC (authored by Matt Comstock) and has been subsequently upgraded at MSU, including multi-color fluorescence capability. Feel free to consult - or berate - us regarding the code.

Latest version of fleezers instrument code which includes the new random phase RF synthesis FPGA code:

Random Phase Fleezers LabVIEW code

We have been using this code in the lab since late 2016 and we believe it is stable.

Previously available fleezers instrument code (the version available for download from this site prior to 2018):

Fleezers LabVIEW code

We perform data analysis, modeling and plotting using MATLAB. A set of files to read and plot data acquired using our LabVIEW code is available below:

Fleezers MATLAB code


Matt Comstock, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Michigan State University

Biomedical Physical Sciences, 567 Wilson Road, Room 4216