Group photos:

Wet lab

Contact Matt Comstock or Eric Patrick for external access to wet lab equipment.

optics lab 1

Our wet lab contains all the equipment necessary to produce custom DNA and RNA constructs and prepare samples for optical trapping experiments. Individual student bench space in the center.

optics lab 1

The other side of the wet lab.

optics lab 1

Benchtop centrifuges (right and left, left one refrigerated) and three-unit thermal cycler (center).

optics lab 1

Laser engraver for precision sample chamber construction (left) and Nanodrop spectrometer (right).

optics lab 1

Students being trained on the Agilent 1260 HPLC (shared with the Lapidus lab).

Hannah and minus 80

Who doesn't love the -80?

wet lab 1

Fancy gel imaging box.


Matt Comstock, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Michigan State University

Biomedical Physical Sciences, 567 Wilson Road, Room 4216