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SM Benchmarks/PDF Uncertainties Webpage
This webpage was started at Les Houches 2005 in order to establish/summarize some of the Standard Model
benchmarks needed for the LHC. It will be continued with Les Houches 2007 which will take place June 4-22.

The writeup for the Les Houches SM/Higgs working group can be found here.

The review article "Hard Interactions of Quarks and Gluons: a Primer for LHC Physics", written with John Campbell and
James Stirling can be found here.

The current (Dec 2006) version of the jet subroutine can be found here. If you use it, please send an email to huston@msu.edu so we can keep you updated.

SM benchmarks for the first year(s) of the LHC
PDF Uncertainties
Higher order calculations

Many of these issues are also in common with the TeV4LHC
workshop. See www.pa.msu.edu/~huston/tev4lhc/wg.htm .

First meeting Tuesday May 4 14:00-18:00 Auditorium

Discovering the SM at the LHC   J. Huston
    a more complete version presented at Aspen is shown here  
Higgs production at the LHC   M. Grazzini
Bottom fragmentation in Higgs and top decays   G. Corcella

Second meeting Saturday May 14

Sudakov resummation effects for parton distributions L. Magnea
Weak corrections to hadronic observables   S. Moretti
Dedicated and generic searches at the LHC M. Krasny
Generic Analysis and Optimal Observables L. Dudko
Precision SM shapes   P. Skands