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CORE-CM Facilities

1. Brucker powder diffraction facility .
Chemisty Department. Contact Richard Staples.
2. Thermal diffusivity instrument (up to 1100K)
Engineering Research Complex. Contact Tim Hogan.
3. Asylum AFM, conducting probe, environmental cell .
Physics and Astronomy Department. Contact Reza Loloee.
4. Absolute absorbance instrument - Chemisty, McCusker lab. Coming soon.
5. Physical property measurement system (PPMS) - Physics, Ke lab. Coming soon.
6. Quartz crystal microbalance with dissipation monitoring (QCM-D) - Engineering, Tarabara Lab. Coming soon.

Links to MSU user facilities

Center for Advanced Microscopy.
College of Natural Science. Contact Stanley Flegler.
Composite Materials and Structures Center.
College of Engineering. Contact Michael Rich.
High performance computing center.
Contact Bill Punch, CSE.
Keck Microfabrication facility .
Physics and Astronomy Department. Contact Baokang Bi or Norman Birge.

Use of specialized equipment in faculty laboratories may negotiated by contacting affiliated faculty directly. If you would like CORE-CM to facilitate access please contact Phil Duxbury.
Michigan State University