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Featured publications

Cubic AgPbmSbTe2+m: Bulk Thermoelectric Materials with High Figure of Merit
Kuei Fang Hsu, Sim Loo, Fu Guo, Wei Chen, Jeffrey S. Dyck, Ctirad Uher, Tim Hogan, E. K. Polychroniadis, Mercouri G. Kanatzidis, Science 303 (no. 5659), 818 - 821 (2004).

Ab initio determination of solid-state nanostructure
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Stable Colloidal Dispersions of C60 Fullerenes in Water: Evidence for Genotoxicity
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General Strategies for Nanoparticle Dispersion
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A sharp interface reduction for multiphase transport in a porous fuel cell electrode,
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Intrinsically Minimal Thermal Conductivity in Cubic I-V-VI2 Semiconductors
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Clickable Polyglycolides: Tunable Synthons for Thermoresponsive, Degradable Polymers,
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High Thermoelectric Power Factor Near Room Temperature in Full-Heusler Alloys,
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Observation of Spin-Triplet Superconductivity in Co-Based Josephson Junctions
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Orbital-Specific Energy Transfer,
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Multilayered Nano-Architecture of Variable Sized Graphene Nanosheets for Enhanced Supercapacitor Electrode Performance, Sanjib Biswas and Lawrence T. Drzal, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2 2293-2300 (2010).

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