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We plan co-ordinated research, development and training programs to serve industry needs and to prepare students for careers in the private sector. An outline of the motivation and tentative agenda for the first exploratory workshop is here.

Below is a list of Michigan companies with significant manufacturing or research and development activities in vehicle electrification and alternative energy.

Battery and electric drive technologies
1. A123 Systems (Nano-Fe phosphate, cathode powder. Battery cells, modules, packs).
2. ALTe (Electric vehicle powertrains).
3. Azure dynamics (Electric drive technologies).
4. Chrysler Motor Company (Electric vehicles).
5. Cobasys (Nickel metal hydride batteries).
6. Compact Power (LG Chem) (Mn based cathode, separators, batteries for the Volt).
7. Eaton Corp (Automotive parts for electric vehicles).
8. Ford Motor Company (Electric vehicles).
9. fortu Powercell (Li ion batteries).
10. General Motors (Electric vehicles).
11. Johnson Controls (Ni-Co-metal battery cells and packs, separators).
12. KD ABG (Dow Kokam) (Mn Oxide cathode/ graphite Li ion batteries).
13. Magna electronics (Electronic controls for electric motors).
14. Ovonic battery cooporation (Ni metal hydride batteries).
15. Sakti3 (Solid state Li ion batteries).
16. Tesla Motors (Battery packs, electric vehicles).
17. Techno SemiChem (TSC) (Battery electrolyte, R&D).
18. Toda America (Cathode materials for batteries).
19. Xtreme Power (Lead acid batteries).
20. XG Sciences (Graphitic materials for battery and ultracap electrodes).

Fuel cell and hydrogen technologies
1. Adaptive materials incorporated (Solid oxide fuel cells).
2. Chrysler (Fuel cell vehicles).
3. DECC company (Fuel cell, alternative energy coatings).
4. Delphi corporation (Fuel cells).
5. Ford Motor Company (Fuel cell vehicles).
6. General Motors (Fuel cell vehicles).
7. Ovonic hydrogen systems (Fuel cells, hydrogen technologies).
8. Toyota research and development (Fuel cells, storage).

Solar technologies
1. Clairvoyant Energy (Oerlikon thin film Si photovoltaics).
2. Dow Chemical (Powerhouse Shingles, CIGS).
3. Dow-Corning (Silicone based encapsulants for photovoltaics).
4. Hemlock Semiconductor (Single crystal silicon materials).
5. PrimeStar Solar (CdTe photovoltaics).
6. Patriot Solar Group (Single crystal and poly Si photovoltaics).
7. United Solar Ovonic/ECD (Amorphous Si photovoltaics).
8. XG Sciences (Graphitic materials for electrodes).

Thermoelectric technologies
1. Amerigon (BSST) incorporated (Thermoelectric devices, auto applications).
2. Chrysler (Auto applications).
3. DECC company (Fuel cell and other alternative energy coatings).
4. Ford Motor Company (Auto applications).
5. General Motors (Auto applications).
6. TE technology (Thermoelectric devices, cooling, thermistors, power).
7. Tellurex (Thermoelectric materials, power generation, cooling).

Wind Technologies
1. Danotek Motion Technologies.
2. Global Wind Systems.
3. Great Lakes Towers.
4. Three M Tool and Machine.
5. K&M Machine-Fabricating.
6. Mas Tech.
7. Cascade Engineering.
8. Ricardo Engineering.
9. Dowding Machining.

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