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1. Revolutionary Materials for Solid State Energy Conversion. DOE-EFRC. MSU Faculty: Don Morelli (PI), Eldon Case, Tim Hogan, Bhanu Mahanti, Jeff Sakamoto, Harold Schock.

2. Design and Development of Efficient Solid-State Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells. NSF-Solar. MSU Faculty: Jim McCusker (PI), Greg Baker, Andrew Christlieb, Larry Drzal, Keith Promislow.

3. Developing the next generation of advanced battery technology. DoD. MSU Faculty: Larry Drzal (PI), Greg Baker, Jeff Sakamoto, Martin Hawley, Tim Hogan, Elias Strangas, Fang Peng, Greg Swain, Jeff Sakamoto.

4. Biomimetic Microsystem for High Throughput Evaluation of Engineered Nanomaterial. NIH-Grand Opportunity. MSU Faculty: R. (Marc) Worden (PI), Andrew Mason, Greg Baker, Phil Duxbury, Jack Harkema, James Wagner, Norbert Kaminski, Barbara Kaplan.

5. Interdisciplinary Bioelectronics Training Program. DE-GAANN. MSU Faculty: R. (Marc) Worden (PI), Scott Barton (co-PI), Phil Duxbury, Michael Garavito, Gemma Reguera, Jon Sticklen, Stuart Tessmer, Claire Veielle.

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