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Fall 2015 Seminar

Theory of ultrafast physical and chemical processes

Organized by Ben Levine and Phil Duxbury

Thursdays 12-1pm, BPS 1400. Pizza and other goodies available 11:45am

Special Time: Friday September 4 at 11:30am: Andrew Baczewski
Sandia National Laboratories
"Modeling Real-Time Electron-Ion Dynamics Using Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory"

September 10 : Piotr Piecuch
Chemistry Department, Michigan State University
"Understanding Photochemistry, Multi-photon Ionization and Photoelectron Spectra with the Equation-of-Motion Coupled Cluster Theory"

September 17 : Sasha Efros
Naval Research Laboratory
"Semiconductor Nanocrystals: Discovery, Milestones and Recent Theoretical Developments"

September 24 : Hua Guo
Department of Chemistry, University of New Mexico
"Mode Specificity and Bond Selectivity in Dissociative Chemisorption"

October 1: Di Liu
Mathematics Department, Michigan State University
"Multiscale Modeling and Computation of Optically Manipulated Nano Devices"

October 8 : Anatoli Polkovnikov
Department of Physics, Boston University
"Universal dynamics near continuous phase transitions"

October 15 : Alex Levchenko
Department of Physics, University of Wisconsin at Madison
"Amplitude modes and dynamic coexistence of competing orders in multicomponent superconductors"

October 22 : Ben Levine
Chemistry Department, Michigan State University
"Conical Intersections and Non-Radiative Recombination in Semiconductor Nanocrystals"

October 29: Xiaosong Li
Department of Chemistry, University of Washington
"Understanding Excitonic Dynamics using Time-Dependent Electronic Structure Theory"

November 5 : David Tomanek
Department of Physics and Astsronomy, Michigan State University
"2D optoelectronics and optomechanics with and beyond graphene"

November 12 : Jim Freericks
Department of Physics, Georgetown University
"Time-resolved photoemission spectroscopy in charge-density-wave insulators and superconductors"

November 19 : Carsten Ullrich
Department of Physics, University of Missouri
"The time dependent particle-hole map"

December 3 : Dominika Zgid
Department of Chemistry, University of Michigan
"Title TBA"

Michigan State University