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Spring 2013 Seminar covering :

Energy harvesting and the renewable fuels cycle

Thursdays 12-1pm, BPS 1400. Pizza and other goodies available 11:45am
February 14: Scott Calabrese-Barton
Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, Michigan State University
"Non precious metal catalysts for Oxygen reduction in fuel cells"

February 21: Gemma Reguera
Microbiology, Michigan State University
"Long-range electron transfer in microbial protein nanowires"

February 28: Richard Lunt
Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, Michigan State University
"Unique prospects and limits for excitonic photovoltaics "

March 7: No Seminar, Spring Break

March 14: Pengpeng Zhang
Physics and Astronomy, Michigan State University
"Growth of light harvesting organic molecules on inorganic substrates"

March 21: Juan Bisquert
Department of Physics, University Jaume I, Castello Spain
"Solar energy conversion with nanoheterostructures"

March 28: Alison Walker
Physics, University of Bath, United Kingdom
"Modeling of light harvesting and water splitting"

April 10 (Wednesday 4pm BPS 1400): Special Seminar - Mark Tuckerman
Department of Chemistry and Courant Institute, NYU
Materials in silico: Structure, transport and functionalization

April 11: David Kramer **** CANCELLED *****
Biochemistry and Plant Research Laboratory, Michigan State University
"New Functions in Photosynthetic Energy Transduction from Next-Generation Phenotyping (Phenometrics)"

April 18: Tom Hamann
Chemistry, Michigan State University
"Photoelectrochemical Investigation of Water Splitting with Hematite Thin Film Electrodes"

Michigan State University