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Spring 2017 Seminars

Thursdays 12-1pm, BPS 1400. Pizza and other goodies available 11:45am

January 12 : Maksym V. Kovalenko
ETH Zürich
“Nano- and single-crystals of lead halide perovskites: from bright light emission to hard radiation detection”

February 2 : Joel Ager
“ Charge Selective Contacts in Photovoltaic and Photoelectrochemical Devices”

February 9 : Garry Rumbles
“Excitons, Charge-Transfer states, Charge-Separated states, the path to free carriers and the importance of charge delocalization”

February 16 : Omar Farha
Northwestern University
“Functional and Catalytic Metal – Organic Framework Materials”

February 23 : Sylwia Ptasinska
University of Notre Dame
“Probing Interfacial Processes at H2O/III-V Semiconductor Surfaces under Operando Conditions”

March 16 : Brett A. Helms
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
“Applying the Tools of Materials Genomics to Address Charge-Transport Bottlenecks in Electrochemical Devices”

March 23 : David Waldeck
University of Pittsburgh
“Directing Charge Transfer in Semiconductor Nanoparticle Assemblies”

March 30 : Richard Brutchley
University of Southern California
“Revisiting Alchemy: The Search for a Modern-Day Alkahest to Solution Process ‘Insoluble’ Bulk Materials”

April 6 : Anders Hagfeldt
“The Versatility of Mesoscopic Solar Cells”

April 20 : Gerald Meyer
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
“Dye-Sensitization for Sustainable Energy”

April 27 : Vanessa Wood
ETH Zürich
“Understanding and Optimizing Solution-Processed Systems”

Michigan State University