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Fall 2016 Seminars

Thursdays 12-1pm, BPS 1400. Pizza and other goodies available 11:45am

September 1 : Thomas Cundari
University of North Texas
“Catalysis in the 21st Century: What Role Can/Will Theory Play?”

September 8 : John W. Frost
Michigan State University (Chemistry)
“Synthesis of Biobased Terephthalic Acid from Methane”

September 15 : Pamela Silver
Harvard University Medical School
“Designing Biology for Health and Sustainability”

September 22 : Yogesh Surendranath
“Graphite-Conjugated Catalysis”

September 29 : Wei Liao
Michigan State University (Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering)
“Turning Chemistry into Food-Energy-Water Nexus Solutions towards Global Sustainability”

October 6 : Christophe Copéret
“Molecular understanding and controlled Functionalization of surfaces towards single-site catalysts and beyond”

October 13 : Richard Finke
Colorado State University
“The ‘Who's the Catalyst?’ Problem: Distinguishing Homogeneous from Heterogeneous Catalysis”

October 20 : Francisco Zaera
University of California Riverside
“The Route to Better Catalysts: From Surface Science to Nanotechnology”

October 27 : Paul T. Barger
UOP LLC, a Honeywell Co.
“UOP Advanced MTO Technology – A New Route for the Production of Light Olefins”

November 3 : Omar Farha
Northwestern University
“Functional and Catalytic Metal – Organic Framework Materials”

**Note special date/time and location**
Room 136 Chemistry Bldg.
November 7, 11:20 am : Ive Hermans
University of Wisconsin
“Science and Serendipity in Heterogeneous Catalysis Research”

November 17 : Christine Luscome
University of Washington
“Precise engineering of semiconducting polymers and their hybrids for organic electronics”

November 24 : Thanksgiving - no seminar

December 1 : Jared Lewis
University of Chicago
“Engineering Proteins for Selective Catalysis”

December 8 : James Boncella
Los Alamos National Laboratory
{to be announced}

Michigan State University