AST 312: Observational Astronomy

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Meeting Times: Tuesday 8:00 - 9:50 PM
Meeting Place: BMPS 1420 (also MSU Planetarium and Observatory for some classes)
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April 24 2003

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April 9 2003

Lecture Notes:

The slides used during lecture will be made available here approximately one week after the lecture in both the Adobe acrobat format (pdf) and standard postscript (ps). While they do not contain all of the information presented during the actual lecture, they are given here so that students can get any complex diagrams or web urls that they may have missed. Remember that YOU ARE REQUIRED TO ATTEND LECTURE.

There are also now note versions available. They printed in black and white and with 4 slides per page to make them easier to print.


Full Lecture

Note Size

Lecture 1: Introduction lecture1.pdf notes1.pdf
Lecture 4: Telescopes lecture4.pdf notes4.pdf
Lecture 5: Telescopes and detectors lecture5.pdf notes5.pdf
Lecture 6: More Detectors lecture6.pdf notes6.pdf
Lecture 7: Stars, Galaxies, and Nebula lecture7.pdf notes6.pdf
Lecture 8: The Distance Ladder lecture8.pdf notes8.pdf
Lecture 9: Variable Star Stuff lecture9.pdf notes9.pdf
Lecture 10: Advanced Variable Star Stuff lecture10.pdf notes10.pdf
Lecture 11: AGN and you lecture11.pdf notes11.pdf
Lecture 12: Cosmology lecture12.pdf notes12.pdf
Lecture 14.5: Observing results lecture145.pdf notes145.pdf
Lecture 15: Blazars and stuff lecture15.pdf notes15.pdf

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