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Dě Run II Level 2 Trigger Framework

The L2 Trigger Framework is closely integrated with the Level 1 Trigger Framework . These two systems share many circuit board and FPGA designs. Consequently, many links on this page point to the L1 Trigger Framework web area.

Level 2 Trigger Framework Description

Hardware Implementation

The Serial Command Link connects the Level 1 and 2 Frameworks to the detector Front-Ends.
Level 1 Trigger
Level 1 Trigger Framework
Level 2 Trigger
Dě Upgrade page at FNAL
Dě Upgrade Trigger page at FNAL
MSU-Dě page

The files in http://www.pa.msu.edu/hep/d0/ftp/...
are also accessible via FTP at www.pa.msu.edu in directory pub/d0/...

This work is supported in part under National Science Foundation Grant Number PHY-9875000
Updated 31-May-2000