Spring Semester 2002

Professor Vladimir Zelevinsky

  Description: (for official [Physics&Astronomy] course description click here!)

Lectures: Monday, Wednesday, Friday; 10:20-11:10, Room 317 PA
Office Hours: Tuesday 1:00-3:00PM or by appointment; Room 202 Cyclotron; phone 333-6331
Textbook: E. Merzbacher: Quantum Mechanics, third edition
Grading: HW 30%, Quizzes 10%, Midterm 20%, Final 40%

All papers are given in two standards: Portable Document Format (PDF) and Postscript (PS). You can download free Acrobat Reader™ here.


Assignment: Solutions:
HW1 PDF PS Solutions 1 PDF PS
HW2 PDF PS Solutions 2 PDF PS
HW3 PDF PS Solutions 3 PDF PS
HW4 PDF PS Solutions 4 PDF PS
HW5 PDF PS Solutions 5 PDF PS
HW6 PDF PS Solutions 6 PDF PS
HW7 PDF PS Solutions 7 PDF PS
HW8 PDF PS Solutions 8 PDF PS
HW9 PDF PS Solutions 9 PDF PS
HW10 PDF PS Solutions 10 PDF PS
HW11 PDF PS Solutions 11 PDF PS


Quiz 1: PDF PS

Quiz 2: PDF PS

Quiz 3: PDF PS

Quiz 4: PDF PS

Quiz 5: PDF PS

Midterm Exam: Practice problems for the Midterm EXAM

                            Midterm    (Make-up)

Final Exam (Subject Exam): Practice Problems2

Web pages of the previous semester: Quantum Mechanics I - PHY851.


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