AST 308

Galaxies & Cosmology

Fall 2007

MWF 3:00–3:50, Room 1420 BPS


General Info

Instructor: Jack Baldwin

(, Room 3270 BPS, 355-9200 ext. 2411

Office Hours:  Regular office hours are Mo 11-12, Th 4-5. Or catch me in my office whenever you can…  I’m usually there from 9AM – 5 PM, except TuTh before about 10:15, and Wed before class.


Textbook: Carroll & Ostlie, An Introduction to Modern Astrophysics, 2nd edition.

One copy is on reserve in the BPS library.



Current version of syllabus (pdf)  REVISED NOV 7


Some Websites to bookmark:  

ADS abstract service form:

ADS journal/volume/page query:

To use either of the above from off-campus, to access recent articles set your browser to use proxy server =

ArXiv astro-ph eprint archive:            

SIMBAD database:

NED database:

HST Digitized Sky Survey:

Ned Wright’s Javascript Cosmology Calculator:



Plus a few observing tools

Cloud cover forecasts:

Airmass calculator:

Precession calculator:

Sunrise/set, moonrise/set:

Sidereal time clock:


Lecture Notes, etc.

Aug 27 notes (pdf)

Aug 29 notes (pdf)

Aug 31 notes (pdf)   UPDATED ON SEPT. 28!

Sept. 5 (pdf)

Sept. 7 (pdf)

Sept 10 (pdf)

Sept 14 (pdf)  UPDATED ON SEPT. 28!

Sept 17 (pdf)

Sept 19 (pdf – AS REVISED ON 9/21. includes dark matter halo + all of the density wave slides.)

Sept 26 (pdf)

Sept 28 (pdf)

Oct 5 (pdf)

Oct 8 (pdf)

Oct 10 (pdf)

Oct 12 (pdf)

Oct 15 (pdf)

Oct 17 (pdf)

Oct 19 (pdf)

Oct 22 (pdf)

Oct 24 (pdf)

Oct 26 review slide (pdf)

Oct 29 (pdf)

Oct 31 (pdf)

Nov 2 (pdf)

Nov 5 (pdf)

Nov 9 (pdf)

Nov 12 (pdf)

Nov 14 (pdf)

Nov 16 (pdf)

Nov 19 (pdf)

Nov 26 (pdf)

Nov 28 (pdf)

Nov 30 (pdf)

Dec 3 (pdf)

Dec 5 (pdf)

Dec 7 (pdf)


Galaxy types (jpeg)

The Psychedelic Barred Spiral Movie

Copious Hints for CO problem 17.6 (16.6 in 1st ed.)



Extra question for Midterm 1 study guide: When we say that the rotation velocity of the Local Standard of Rest is 220 km/sec, what is that relative to? How is that velocity measured?


Midterm 1 study guide

Midterm 2 study guide